The DIRAC documentaiton is partitioned in several guides.

The User Guide contains all the necessary instructions to install or get access to the DIRAC client software and configure it in order to access a preferred DIRAC service. The guide describes the user interfaces – command line and Web. It also provides a complete list of DIRAC commands. A number of tutorials demonstrate step by step the operations to be performed to set up the client and perform most of the common operations. Finally, a set of How-To items provide answers to commonly asked questions.

All the necessary information for developing new DIRAC components is provided by the Developer Guide. It contains an overview of the DIRAC architecture, describes general code management procedures as well as building and distributing DIRAC releases. You will find out how to set up the development environment, how to write codes that can be tested together with the other components in an automated way.
The Code Documentation provides a detailed description of the DIRAC APIs that can be used for developing new user interfaces and server-side components.

The Administrator Guide provides instructions on how to install and setup DIRAC services and web portals, how to configure them providing description of users and resources. It describes the tools to monitor DIRAC installations and perform day-to-day operations. Several tutorials are provided in order walk the new administrators through procedures to setup new installations.